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Kunpengzhanchi thousands of miles, flipping up horn. As an enterprise to be enduring, standing proudly in the market, it must have its own brand. Only in this way, the enterprise can use the power of the brand in the market competition of the tempestuous waves in the sail endeavour, full of vitality, the key factors that determine the quality of the brand is. The people in the development of aware of this, and are trying to do, from the workshop of lean production logistics to the administrative staff of the lean management and business skills training, the people are with their own hands to create.
Senior experts: through 5S site management, safety, comfort, creating bright working environment, improve staff quality, really good, beauty, to create a good corporate image, to achieve a common dream. Perfect quality system: along the river is through the ISO9001-2008 quality certification tool company, in the process of new product development, each link is combined with the specific requirements of quality procedures, so that the whole system of product
standardization, systematization, to meet the needs of different customers conform to the quality requirements of the delivery process. Timely response system: production center with product hotline supervision posts, customer service center with customer visits and investigation of special posts, whenever and wherever possible to supervise and inspect the products, to ensure the safety of production and the quality of each product.
In order to make the majority of the customers can enjoy satisfactory customer service service at the same time buy the mold, Yanjiang mould in customer service service system under the relentless effort, so far, the company completed the construction of the customer service service system: 1, customer service service tenet: sincere, thoughtful, timely, effective; 2, after sale service for the majority of users of the service measures: the establishment of the "customer service center at headquarters" 3, continue to strengthen and improve the repair service network 4, improve the overall quality of service team 5, to achieve efficient customer service service management information system
ADD:No.228 Lehua Road, Xinqian Street, New Mold city, Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
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